Most homes experience unpleasant odors from a variety of sources. Some odors are mild and caused by environmental factors such as smoking or lack of proper ventilation. Others are caused by direct contact with a contaminant. These situations are created when bacteria forms and creates conditions that require the use of specific treatments to resolve odors and sanitizing through disinfecting and proven cleaning techniques. Pet urine, vomit, and mildew caused by uncontrolled saturation or flooding of your carpets are examples that require special processing. Organic Carpet Care offers odor removal services and recommendations concerning the appropriate course of action for eliminating odors from your carpet, furniture and other areas of your home!

Types of Odors

Mold & Mildew Mold and mildew can leave a musty odor in your home that is difficult to eliminate. It typically develops when the underlying padding and carpet gets wet and isn’t dried in a short time frame. We handle everything from smaller wet areas to full homes. You can also give us a call to do an emergency water extraction and clean your carpet professionally after to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Pets Pets are beloved family members, but, their urine is not. One of the leading causes of carpet odor, pet urine (especially the strong ammonia scent of cat urine) is difficult to clean. The difficulty increases if there are repeated offenses. Fortunately we are well equipped to rid your carpets of pet stains and odors with our odor removal services.

Bacteria Bacteria are another common odor problem. Bacteria results from carpets that get exposed to dampness or high humidity due to poor ventilation. Organic Carpet Care has been freeing carpets of bacteria for many years and we can do the same for your carpets.

By properly maintaining and caring for your carpet, you can preserve its appearance longer. When you don’t maintain your carpet, it can lead to premature wear. Clean carpets also contribute to an indoor environment that is healthy. Call Organic Carpet Care and get your carpets healthy again.