For a long time, it seemed to be the case that if you wanted your carpets expertly cleaned, then you’d be forced to use a whole host of harsh and toxic chemicals. That time is no more. You have options for getting the highest-quality carpet cleaning services without a single toxic chemical. That’s where Organic Carpet Care comes in. We provide the very best in cutting-edge organic carpet cleanings, all while using environmentally-friendly products that are 100% safe for you, your children, pets, customers, employees, etc.

What Makes Your Service Organic?

We care about the environment here at Organic Carpet Care, and we know you do too. That’s why are committed to providing organic services without sacrificing one iota of quality. But, what, exactly, do we mean by “organic”? After all, it’s a term that’s thrown around a lot. What does it mean?

For us, organic means that all of our products are certified natural, non-toxic, and safe for use around your home and business. This is in direct contrast with many traditional carpet cleaning services that use products that pollute our air and water while simultaneously being dangerous to people and pets. You won’t have to worry about that with us.

Why Choose Organic Carpet Care?

There are so many reasons to go with Organic Carpet Care. We offer carpet cleaning services to Marble Falls and the surrounding areas that are, simply put, second to none. So, what can you expect when working with us? Well, as mentioned above, you can always expect environmentally-friendly products. We work with trusted green partners so we can always offer this. You can also expect:

  • Spotless, hygienically-cleaned carpets
  • Steam cleaning – super fast dry times!
  • Fresh scents that last longer
  • Low moisture – no hose or noise pollution!
  • Longer lifetimes for your carpet
  • Spots that won’t come back

How do we know that spots won’t come back? Well, because of our 30-Day Clean Carpet Guarantee!

Our Guarantee

At Organic Carpet Cleaning, we offer our Marble Falls clients something that you won’t get with other carpet cleaning services. We take such pride in our work that we will continue to come back for 30 days after the initial cleaning until every detail lives up to your standards. That’s how seriously we take our work. 

What happens if you’re still unsatisfied after that 30 day time period? Well, simple: we will refund you the price of the carpet cleaning — no questions asked. Right now, though, we do have one question for you: what are you waiting for? Contact us for all of your expert carpet cleaning needs in Marble Falls. We can’t wait to give you the cleanest carpets of your life!