There is a perception that carpets cannot be kept clean and sanitary, and, therefore, they must significantly contribute to indoor environmental deterioration, especially air quality. This misconception has caused the removal of carpets in some places. Ineffective carpet cleaning services deprive Austin occupants of the desirable features carpet provides. Carpets are the most popular kind of flooring that many homeowners prefer due to their softness, look, and comfort — and we can extend the life of yours with our carpet cleaning service.

Aside from improving the appearance of a home and extending its life, professional carpet cleaning has many health benefits. Cleaning your home is not done simply for the visual effects. It is an investment in the wellness and health of those who live there. The American Lung Association recommendation for vacuuming is at least three times each week in homes that house asthma and snoring sufferers. Having carpets on a maintenance schedule to be professionally cleaned greatly extends the life of the carpet. Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions, or please feel free to reach out to us!